8th priint:day / Explore touchpoints in the customer journey

Be informed about trends, technologies and opportunities about the integration of touchpoints in the multi channel communication. On 8th priint:day you will also hear about how to explore new and attractive touchpoints for your customer journey!

Meeting on Montabaur Castle

The pittoresque surroundings of Montabaur Castle will be the conference place again, located between Cologne and Frankfurt airport in the Western part of Germany. A really inspiring place to think about tomorrow’s business.

Extensive networking

Make the experience of a great global community with more than 250 participants. In the multi channel lounge you will have the opportunity for extensive networking. Also the evening programm with good food and a sporting tournament will create a lively atmosphere and lots of conversation opportunities.

priint:suite 4 is setting trends again

How to raise the potential and innovative capacity of priint:suite, you will hear about in several sessions. In diverse trainings you will also learn more about the open and scalable architecture of priint:suite and how a fast return on investment  of commerce and marketing infrastructure can be achieved.

Our global partner network

Worldwide more than 350 customers and more than 80 content providers rely on priint:suite. On 8th priint:day again several software suppliers and integrators will present their worldwide services.

Visionary keynotes and strategic lectures

Keynotes, focus or best practise lectures – you will experience high profile speeches with trendsetting topics. Get inspired from top speakers and different facettes of tomorrow’s world of communication!

Meet the expert

A unique opportunity to consult top experts in a one-on-one conversation to different topics. Whether strategic questions or practical recommendations regarding your projects – more than 15 experts will meet your questions on 8th priint-day. Register now for your one-on-one conversation with a top expert.

Customer Journey workshops

Explore attractive touchpoints for your own customer journey! In several workshops you can find out, how and where to improve the interaction with your customer.

6th priint:day publication

Each priint:day is being documented as high quality printed magazine with more than 140 pages, the so called„priint:book“. Background reports, end user success stories and the documentation of all priint:day lectures gives you a deeper insight into the success factors for an integrated multi channel communication. You are welcome to send us your order. The priint:book is for free.

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7th priint:day "Living Digital"

Many thanks!

Thanks to our participants of the 7th priint:day 2015 for two days full of inspiration, interesting discussions and many impressions.


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