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Horst Huber

Managing Director of WERK II Medien- und Informationsges. mbH

Our thought leader: Horst Huber has been working on methods of optimising print publishing, cross media and cross-channel communication from the early 1990s onwards. Including ongoing work, he has managed some 250 projects in the fields of manufacturing, retail, mail order and publishing – making Horst Huber probably one of the most experienced consultants in the industry.

The limits of communication

Every day, new communication channels spring up like mushrooms, that help companies reach their customers and consumers, all using offline, online and mobile devices. The number of "touchpoints" where customers come into contact with the product or service, in the so-called "customer journey", grows continuously. Here, the marginal utility in the individual channels is already long reached. At the same time many channels still exist as "silos" side by side, processes and organization are not really harmonized. How can the internal borders between "offline" and "online" divisions be overcome? How can offline and online touchpoints be connected, for an integrated multi channel communication? Horst Huber gives a visionary outlook on the limits  and different facets of the communications environments of tomorrow.

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