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Stefan Herold

Managing Director of Osudio Deutschland GmbH

Stefan Herold has over 13 years of experience as a consultant and project manager in PIM and e-business. This experience and the best practice it informs are highly valuable commodities, especially when integrating online and offline channels in the context of omni-channel projects. Unsurprisingly, leading international companies greatly value his extensive expertise and his pragmatic approaches to achieving rapid, long-lasting success.

Touchpoints are out - Micro-Moments are in

Omni trends are changing rapidly.
Today touchpoints are a much discussed topic and motto of Priint Days 2016. The next trend is called "Micro-Moments".

Are your investments in touchpoints vain? The world is changing faster and faster - how to keep the business step? Find out more in an interesting lecture on emerging trends and how to keep up with the current speed.

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"Thank you for the ideas and conversations!"
- Alexander Demmler, Lacuna Solutions

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- Christian Münch, hybris GmbH

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"Very good! Keep up the good work!"
- Sachin Virkar, Simkraft (Indien)

"Thank you – I'm taking away lots of inspiration"
- Sascha Nuccio, com:com GmbH

"I like the priint:day for their open, campus-like atmosphere"
- Claudia Janetzki, asap graphics Werbeagentur GmbH

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"Perfect location, great audience, very good mix of lectures, a very good-humored Horst Huber, looking forward to the priint:book"
- Oliver Baum, Meyle+Müller GmbH & Co. KG

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- Christian Engelmann, MEdia-Saturn IT Services GmbH

"You made my:day"
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